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"Unicage - Unix Command Package - High Performance DataBase-less Programming Methodology, Low-level Data Processing Engine"

Nobuaki TOUNAKA Presenter: Nobuaki TOUNAKA, Universal Shell Programming Laboratory - CEO & CTO

Unicage originated in Japan 25 years ago and has succeeded in many system integration of Japanese major companies of various area such as bank, retail, manufacture, telecom, transportation, etc. Unicage consists only of Unix commands and shell scripts and text files, and its pipe-based communication model. The most common functions which a database provides are fully covered by the tool and it goes beyond. Many database researchers are not familiar with Unicage and may question if a simpler approach to data processing can be effective.

In this presentation, we will reveal the essence and merit of Unicage technology, explaining that it is an enhancement of Unix philosophy and can be successfully adapted to many useful business scenarios.

Some of these scenarios will be presented in a sponsors corner talk on Wednesday, March 27, 13H room 2.1

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