ICDT2019: List of Accepted Papers

Id Authors Title
I1 Ahmet Kara, Hung Q. Ngo, Miklos Nikolic, Dan Olteanu and Haozhe Zhang Counting Triangles under Updates in Worst-Case Optimal Time
I2 Alejandro Grez, Cristian Riveros and Martin Ugarte A Formal Framework for Complex Event Processing
I3 Christopher De Sa, Ihab Ilyas, Benny Kimelfeld, Christopher Re and Theodoros Rekatsinas A Formal Framework for Probabilistic Unclean Databases
I4 Floris Geerts On the Expressive Power of Linear Algebra on Graphs
I5 Marco Console, Paolo Guagliardo and Leonid Libkin Fragments of Bag Relational Algebra: Expressiveness and Certain Answers
I6 Arnab Ganguly, Ian Munro, Yakov Nekrich, Rahul Shah and Sharma V. Thankachan Categorical Range Reporting with Frequencies
I7 Nirman Kumar, Benjamin Raichel, Stavros Sintos and Greg Van Buskirk Approximating Distance Measures for the Skyline
I8 Yuliang Li, Jianguo Wang, Benjamin Pullman, Nuno Bandeira and Yannis Papakonstantinou Index-based, High-dimensional, Cosine Threshold Querying with Optimality Guarantees
I9 Silviu Maniu, Pierre Senellart and Suraj Jog An Experimental Study of the Treewidth of Real-World Graph Data
I10 Liat Peterfreund, Balder Ten Cate, Ronald Fagin, and Benny Kimelfeld Recursive Programs for Document Spanners
I11 Frank Neven, Thomas Schwentick, Christopher Spinrath and Brecht Vandevoort Parallel-Correctness and Parallel-Boundedness for Datalog Programs
I12 Grzegorz Gluch, Jerzy Marcinkowski and Piotr Ostropolski-Nalewaja The First Order Truth behind Undecidability of Regular Path Queries Determinacy
I13 Leopoldo Bertossi, Georg Gottlob and Reinhard Pichler Datalog: Bag Semantics via Set Semantics
I14 Marco Calautti and Andreas Pieris Oblivious Chase Termination: The Sticky Case
I15 Michel Leclère, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Michaël Thomazo and Federico Ulliana On Chase Termination for Linear Existential Rules
I16 Gerald Berger, Martin Otto, Andreas Pieris, Dimitri Surinx and Jan Van den Bussche Additive First-order Queries
I17 Stefan Mengel and Sebastian Skritek Characterizing Tractability of Simple Well-designed Pattern Trees with Projection
I18 Mahmoud Abo Khamis, Hung Ngo, Dan Olteanu and Dan Suciu Boolean Tensor Decomposition for Conjunctive Queries with Negation
I19 Antoine Amarilli, Pierre Bourhis, Stefan Mengel and Matthias Niewerth Constant-Delay Enumeration for Nondeterministic Document Spanners
I20 Paraschos Koutris and Jef Wijsen Consistent Query Answering for Primary Keys in Logspace
I21 Martin Ritzert and Emilie Grienenberger Learning Definable Hypotheses on Trees

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