EDBT2019 Demo Track : List of Accepted Papers

(January 20, 2019) NOTICE: The IDs of accepted papers published here were corrected - now they correspond to the easy chair ID published

Id Authors Title
3 Maximilian Schüle, Dimitri Vorona, Linnea Passing, Harald Lang, Alfons Kemper, Stephan Günnemann and Thomas Neumann The Power of SQL Lambda Functions
210 Sherif Sakr, Mohamed Ragab, Mohamed Maher and Ahmed Awad MINARET: A Recommendation Framework for Scientific Reviewers
212 Alessandro Baroni and Salvatore Ruggieri SCube: A Tool for Segregation Discovery
226 Enrico Gallinucci and Matteo Golfarelli SparkTune: tuning Spark SQL through query cost modeling
231 Henrique Varella Ehrenfried, Rudolf Eckelberg, Hamer Iboshi, Eduardo Todt, Daniel Weingaertner and Marcos Didonet Del Fabro HOTMapper: Historical Open Data Table Mapper
235 Mohamed Maher and Sherif Sakr SmartML: A Meta Learning-Based Framework for Automated Selection and Hyperparameter Tuning for Machine Learning Algorithms
242 Mark Raasveldt, Pedro Holanda and Stefan Manegold devUDF: Increasing UDF development efficiency through IDE Integration. It works like a PyCharm!
245 Maximilian Schüle, Matthias Bungeroth, Dimitri Vorona, Alfons Kemper, Stephan Günnemann and Thomas Neumann ML2SQL - Compiling a Declarative Machine Learning Language to SQL and Python
261 Francois Goasdoue, Paweł Guzewicz and Ioana Manolescu Incremental structural summarization of RDF graphs
274 Amílcar Soares, Jordan Rose, Mohammad Etemad, Chiara Renso and Stan Matwin VISTA: A visual analytics platform for semantic annotation of trajectories
280 Spiros Athanasiou, Michail Alexakis, Giorgos Giannopoulos, Nikos Karagiannakis, Yannis Kouvaras, Pantelis Mitropoulos, Kostas Patroumpas and Dimitrios Skoutas SLIPO: Large-Scale Data Integration for Points of Interest
285 Yuanyuan Wang, Panote Siriaraya, Haruka Sakara, Yukiko Kawai and Keishi Tajima A Map Search System based on a Spatial Query Language
295 Ahmad Ghizzawi, Julien Marinescu, Shady Elbassuoni, Sihem Amer-Yahia and Gilles Bisson FaiRank: An Interactive System to Explore Fairness of Ranking in Online Job Marketplaces
310 Michal Vavrek, Irena Holubova and Stefanie Scherzinger MM-evolver: A Multi-model Evolution Management Tool
319 Dimitrios Giouroukis, Julius Hülsmann, Janis von Bleichert, Morgan Geldenhuys, Tim Stullich, Felipe Gutierrez, Jonas Traub, Kaustubh Beedkar and Volker Markl Resense: Transparent Record and Replay of Sensor Data in the Internet of Things
330 Ticiana Coelho Da Silva, Régis Magalhães, José de Macêdo, David Araújo, Natanael Araújo, Vinicius de Melo, Pedro Olímpio, Paulo Rego and Aloisio Neto Improving Named Entity Recognition using Deep Learning with Human in the Loop
344 Genoveva Vargas-Solar, Gavin Kemp, Irving Hernandez Gallegos, Javier-Alfonso Espinosa-Oviedo, Catarina Ferrera da Silva and Parisa Ghodous Demonstrating data collections curation and exploration with CURARE
347 Luca Gagliardelli, Giovanni Simonini, Domenico Beneventano and Sonia Bergamaschi SparkER: Scaling Entity Resolution in Spark
353 Jingwei Zuo, Karine Zeitouni and Yehia Taher Exploring Interpretable Features for Large Time Series with SE4TeC
360 Mark Hannum, Adi Zaimi and Mike Ponomarenko HASQL: a Method of Masking System Failures
365 Peter K. Schwab, Julian Matschinske, Andreas M. Wahl and Klaus Meyer-Wegener Query-Driven Data Minimization with the DataEconomist

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