EDBT2019 Research Track : List of Accepted Papers

(January 20, 2019) NOTICE: The IDs of accepted papers published here were corrected - now they correspond to the easy chair ID published

Id Authors Title
6 Chen Luo, Pinar Tozun, Yuanyuan Tian, Ronald Barber, Vijayshankar Raman and Richard Sidle Umzi: Unified Multi-Zone Indexing for Large-Scale HTAP [System and Applications Paper]
12 Ehab Abdelhamid, Ibrahim Abdelaziz, Zuhair Khayyat and Panos Kalnis Pivoted Subgraph Isomorphism: The Optimist, the Pessimist and the Realist
18 Yanhao Wang, Yuchen Li and Kian-Lee Tan Semantic and Influence aware k-Representative Queries over Social Streams
23 Behrouz Derakhshan, Alireza Rezaei Mahdiraji, Tilmann Rabl and Volker Markl Continuous Deployment of Machine Learning Pipelines
27 Stefan Sprenger, Patrick Schäfer and Ulf Leser BB-Tree: A practical and efficient main-memory index structure for multidimensional workloads
32 Philipp Schirmer, Thorsten Papenbrock, Sebastian Kruse, Felix Naumann, Dennis Hempfing, Torben Mayer and Daniel Neuschäfer-Rube DynFD: Functional Dependency Discovery in Dynamic Datasets
39 Brit Youngmann, Tova Milo and Amit Somech Boosting SimRank with Semantics
44 Vasilis Efthymiou, George Papadakis, Kostas Stefanidis and Vassilis Christophides MinoanER: Schema-Agnostic, Non-Iterative, Massively  Parallel Resolution of Web Entities
47 Efi Karra Taniskidou, George Papadakis, George Giannakopoulos and Manolis Koubarakis Comparative Analysis of Content-based Personalized Microblog Recommendations
49 Ritesh Ahuja, Gabriel Ghinita and Cyrus Shahabi A Utility-Preserving and Scalable Technique for Protecting Location Data with Geo-Indistinguishability
50 Madhulika Mohanty, Maya Ramanath, Mohamed Yahya and Gerhard Weikum Spec-QP: Speculative Query Planning for Joins over Knowledge Graphs
63 Fatemeh Esfahani, Venkatesh Srinivasan, Alex Thomo and Kui Wu Efficient Computation of Probabilistic Core Decomposition at Web-Scale
65 Yuya Sasaki, Yasuhiro Fujiwara and Makoto Onizuka Efficient Network Reliability Computation in Uncertain Graphs
66 Woohwan Jung, Younghoon Kim and Kyuseok Shim Crowdsourced Truth Discovery in the Presence of Hierarchies for Knowledge Fusion
71 Puya Memarzia, Suprio Ray and Virendra C. Bhavsar A Six-dimensional Analysis of In-memory Aggregation
73 Zhongjun Jin, Michael Cafarella, H. V. Jagadish, Sean Kandel, Michael Minar and Joseph M. Hellerstein CLX: Towards verifiable PBE data transformation
74 Daniel Deutch and Amir Gilad Reverse-Engineering Conjunctive Queries from Provenance Examples
75 Robert Waury, Christian S. Jensen, Satoshi Koide, Yoshiharu Ishikawa and Chuan Xiao Indexing Trajectories for Travel-Time Histogram Retrieval
85 Kangnyeon Kim, Ryan Johnson and Ippokratis Pandis BionicDB: Fast and Power-Efficient OLTP on FPGA
88 Muhammad Farhan, Qing Wang, Yu Lin and Brendan Mckay A Highly Scalable Labelling Approach for Exact Distance Queries in Complex Networks
91 Sihem Amer-Yahia, Shady Elbassuoni, Behrooz Omidvar-Tehrani, Ria Mae Borromeo and Mehrdad Farokhnejad GroupTravel: Customizing Travel Packages for Groups
93 Cristian Consonni, Paolo Sottovia, Alberto Montresor and Yannis Velegrakis Discovering Order Dependencies through Order Compatibility
94 Michael Vollmer and Klemens Böhm Iterative Estimation of Mutual Information with Error Bounds
97 Julien Loudet, Iulian Sandu-Popa and Luc Bouganim SEP2P: Secure and Efficient P2P Personal Data Processing
112 Jongik Kim, Dong-Hoon Choi and Chen Li Inves: Incremental Partitioning-Based Verification for Graph Similarity Search
115 Xiao Qin, Lei Cao, Elke Rundensteiner and Samuel Madden Scalable Kernel Density Estimation-based Local Outlier Detection over Large Data Streams
116 Jin Wang, Chunbin Lin, Mingda Li and Carlo Zaniolo An Efficient Sliding Window Approach for Approximate Entity Extraction with Synonyms
130 Chrysanthi Kosyfaki, Nikos Mamoulis, Evaggelia Pitoura and Panayiotis Tsaparas Flow Motifs in Interaction Networks
135 Nikos Bikakis, Vana Kalogeraki and Dimitrios Gunopulos Attendance Maximization for Successful Social Event Planning
140 Vasileios Samoladas and Minos Garofalakis Functional Geometric Monitoring for Distributed Streams
143 Dimitris Bilidas and Manolis Koubarakis Scalable Parallelization of RDF Joins on Multicore Architectures
152 Markus Dreseler, Jan Kossmann, Martin Boissier, Stefan Klauck, Matthias Uflacker and Hasso Plattner Hyrise Re-engineered: An Extensible Database System for Research in Relational In-Memory Data Management
157 Yaser Oulabi and Christian Bizer Extending Cross-Domain Knowledge Bases with Long Tail Entities using Web Table Data
171 Jonas Traub, Philipp M. Grulich, Alejandro Rodriguez Cuellar, Sebastian Breß, Asterios Katsifodimos, Tilmann Rabl and Volker Markl Efficient Window Aggregation with General Stream Slicing
196 David Luaces, José R.R. Viqueira, Tomás F. Pena and José M. Cotos Leveraging Bitmap Indexing for Subgraph Searching
204 Trong Nguyen, Ming-Hung Shih, Divesh Srivastava, Srikanta Tirthapura and Bojian Xu Stratified Random Sampling over Streaming and Stored Data

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